Bonjour Minuit

Poster for the Re-bonjour festival in Saint-Brieuc (France).
Edition 2021 and 2022.



62 illustrations for the TAN (Nantes/France) timetable for 2022

Le petit vendredi

Poster for the cultural place Provisorium Nürtingen (Germany), and its events "Le petit vendredi" (which take place on Thursday evening).


Dans le Ciel 

Book with Éditions Amaterra. Text by Aurélia Coulaty / 72 pages. Available in our librairy. 

Le soleil, un arc-en-ciel,
une aurore boréale,
un pigeon voyageur,
une montgolfière,
les traces d'un avion...
le ciel est un spectacle permanent.


Illustrations for the latest CNRS journal, September 2021.  Images around portraits of scientists, climate, diseases, Brexit, black hole, atoms, advertising targeting...

Socialter - "Defending the living”

4 Drawings for the Socialter special edition with Baptiste Morizot as editor-in-chief. 

Wogoo Zoogi

16 Pages, 4 Color Riso, Edition of 100, 2014, Printed by Tan & Loose Press / Sold out

A playful and abstract discussion between two aliens.
"They are speaking, singing very strangely, and they have a hair on their tongues."

The Burning Hell

Artwork for the music band : The Burning Hell on a European tour in June 2019



MAMBO published by Éditions FP&CF

20 pages / 4 colors / Edition of 150 / + 2 ex-libris riso
Printing by Anaïck Moriceau / Sold out