Le Grand Bornand - La Source

Artistic Residence "Couleurs Montagne" -  15 > 22 June , 2022  with Doka Productions

Two weeks of residence in the middle of the mountains, in the village of Grand Bornand (France) and on the site of "La Source". Realization of about fifteen flags for the place to give it a little more visibility. Trees, reblochon, gentian are now flying in the air.

Project coordination: Doka Productions
Sewing : Charlelie_atelier_couture
Fabric sublimation and laser cutting : Jonathan.and.fletcher
Photos : Tilbyvattard
Project realized with the support of the European regional development fund Interreg Alcotra

Les Aldudes 

Artistic Residence "Besta" -  25 July > 02 August , 2021  with Haran Ubel & Mari Camprison

During the summer of 2021, we had the pleasure of being welcomed in residence by the Haran Ubel association in the village of Aldude in the Basque Country with the fabulous printer Mari Camprison. The result of this residency is a 5 colour Riso Printed fanzine based on 9 interviews with 15 woman (18 > 95 years old) who grew up and live in the valley. While it investigates their relationship to parties, the conversations occasionally lead to feminist topics and also mentioned the place given to Basque language during parties and their everyday life.

Besta, A4 Book, 18 pages, Risography + A5 ex-libris, 120 copies. Printed by Mari Campistron
in the village of Aldude in the Basque Country. Sold out ! 

The book is printed in Basque, there is an ex libris in Basque and French with some excerpts from the interviews that goes with it !

Arita (Japan) 

Porcelain collection & Art residency with Made by Kihara -  October, 2020  
The Made by Kihara Art Programme is a unique experience inviting international artists to explor the possibilities of porcelain design in Arita, Japan. The programme is divided into three phases: Preview, View, and Review.

The View phase, a hands-on residency in Arita, provides a framework for the creative process of the artists, and the axis to the programme, and Preview and Review phases inspire collections of products introduced before and after the artists’ residency. The setting, skills and heritage experienced during the artists’ residency in Arita are reflected by the expansions, or reconsiderations, made between the Preview phase and the Review phase, the definitive output of each programme.

Collection available here :
︎ www.madebykihara.com

What a crazy experience, we feel like we lived in another time space during these 7 days. Incredible days to visit Arita and its surroundings, discover the process of making porcelain, from preparing the clay to cooking it, talking with the craftsmen, being able to work in the workshops to make exclusive pieces, walking in the mountains & villages, looking for bus stops in the shape of fruit eating sublime dishes, and just being amazed by everything.

In addition to collections, each residency is documented through original essays, photography and artworks made by the artists during their trip.

Nijmegen (Netherland)

Risography Residence " We had been promised tulips"  1 July > 07 July , 2019  with Knust Press & Extrapool 

Riso A2 print installation in Museum Het Valkhof (Nijmegen / Netherland). Organized by Knust Press & EXTRAPOOL as part of the «Gekust door Knust - 35 jaar stencil kunst » exhibition

Riso printed with multiple colors on high quality scarce paper. All Riso A2 art prints have been stencilprinted on the Riso A2 machine; a highly specialized and exceptional machine that enables your work to be stencilprinted larger than the standard stencilprint size.

Folegandros (Greece)

Artistic Residence -  21 > 26 June, 2018 with The Jaunt  

A little more about The Jaunt:
The Jaunt creates opportunities and possibilities for artists. The project allows artists to travel the world and find inspiration – not just during the trip, but lasting inspiration that hopefully permeates their entire artistic practise. The Jaunt’s mission is to catalyse progress and feed fresh insight into the creative process of our artists. The first step in this process is taking the artist out of their comfort zone and allowing them experience completely new surroundings.
︎ http://www.thejaunt.net

“Our quest for this trip was to lose the impression of time and to get lost on this small Greek island called Folegandros. On our first day, we walked to a small creek called Agios Nikolaos. The water is a picture-perfect transparent and the beach carries a sense of serenity while people are reading in the shade of tamarisks. We fell completely in love with this paradise. The island looks like a parenthesis out of time, a raw wild beauty!

We discovered all of the island, from south to north and east to west. We hiked the mountains on the island, took public transport and rented a scooter to get around. From the arid landscapes with donkeys, goats and a lost olive tree, to the city of Chora where the entire island congregates in the evening to visit the restaurant and enjoy the Greek specialties. For our print, we made a kind of summary of the island. Blending the architecture, textures, shapes, and colours we encountered. Making it a collage of all our memories during our trip.“

Screenprint editions inspired by a week
in the Folegandros (Greece) with The Jaunt.
Edition of 50, 50 x 70 cm, signed and numbered.

+ 4 original collages, mixed media.
Signed and dated by artist

Sold out 

La Métairie Bruyère (France)

Artistic Residence -  July, 2017 with Éditions RLD 

2 weeks with Éditions RLD in la Métairie Bruyère (Bourgogne)
Lithography & etching

"Du jeudi au jeudi"
"La vie quotidienne"
"Le tourbillon du dimanche"
Etching with collage / Printed with Éditions RLD
Available here